MockingBird Times

July 17th, 2016
The Gazebo at Kewaunee Harbor Park in Kewaunee, WI!
We had a fun time playing at the Gazebo on July 17th.
The crowd was extremely receptive; the weather was excellent!
Thank you all for your support. Leo was very excited about playing in his childhood town
of Kewaunee. We had a very nice time.

The Kewaunee Harbor Concert

June 28, 2016
The Brick House!
We had a great time playing at the Brick House in Depere on Thursday, June 23rd.
The people were great; the weather was wonderful; and the train just kept-a-comin'.
Thank you all who camped out on the patio to listen. We had a very nice time.
And man, you should taste their food! Wow, do they make great burgers and fries!

The Brick House Concert

March 26, '16


Hi Folks!


We were given the wonderful opportunity to record in a professional recording studio at NWTC.  We had a blast! Below are pictures of Chris Kuborn - Digital Media Technology Instructor - (the recording engineer), along with 5 of his students,  who worked under Chris' direction. We were given 4 hours of recording time, and pulled out 6 songs there. We plan to put those songs into our album as soon as we recieve the mixes. These studio recordings will replace the current songs on the album. This should happen as soon as May 2016.


A big thanks to Chris and his students, for making it a very fun Saturday morning in March!

Chris Kuborn -  Digital Media Technology Instructor at NWTC